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Mighty Max by Tomy

Mighty MaxOne of the coolest toys I had as a kid was Tomy’s robotic knight, Mighty Max. Although it’s not related in any way to Micronauts, the chrome head and Japanese influenced design made it feel like a Micronaut when it was play time.

Best part about Mighty Max was his versatility. You could disassemble him at any of his joints, and his motorized sled allowed him to ride it standing or gripping the handles on the side. For defense, he came with a big shield and orange lance. His sled was equipped with a winch and hook that could be used to help him scale furniture or drag villains like my Kenner Alien to their doom.

For sheer hours of fun, it was hard to beat Max.

Tomy Pocket Bots

PocketBots were some of my favorite little toys as a kid. I got them several years in a row as stocking stuffers. They joined the rebellion, of course, and helped the Micronauts and R2D2 fight the Empire.