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Han Solo in Carbonite

IMG_4539.JPGNever know what you will run into at a toy show. I think this would look nice in my office.

Star Wars Lunch Box

There are Star Wars people and Star Trek people. I already said that. The Star Wars side of me actually had this lunch box all through 3rd grade.

Galaxy Empire Star Wars Knock Off

I love knock-offs. Especially Star Wars knock-offs. This Wookie-like figure is one of the better quality ones I’ve found. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the figure is maybe a half inch taller than the average Star Wars figure, and a bit beefier. My favorite thing about this Galaxy Empire toy is the card art. They don’t even try to disguise their “inspiration” for the toy.

Star Wars Droid Factory

The Mighty Men and Monster Maker art kit was one of my favorite art kits as a kid – especially since my drawing skills have always been sub par. This Star Wars Droid factory art kit was a little too late for me to have appreciated when it was released, but it sure is cool.

Japanese Star Wars Cards

I collected several series of Star Wars cards as a kid, from the awesome Wonder Bread cards to the green, yellow and red series. As an adult, I’ve been super interested in foreign versions of collectible and was really excited to discover these Japanese cards.