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Edison Giocattoli ZX-271 Super Pistola

I don’t collect or buy a lot of toys any more – I mostly have what I want – but I have developed a fondness for the sci-fi guns from Edison Giocattoli of Italy, and Sanchis of Spain. Which is unfortunate because they tend to be pricey. But I juat bought this ZX-271 off eBay for a very reasonable price and am super thrilled with it. Like some of the otherguns in the TH3 line, it fires soft bullets propelled by air. Surprising range too, considering it’s just spring activated. This particular model has a (manual) rotating barrel in front that holds four shots. But what I really love is all the detail work that goes into the guns. Easily as good, or better, than prop guns from films and TV.

System 7 – 7 Way Task Force

The System 7 – 7 Way Task Force playset would have been my favorite toy if I’d had it as a child. It’s James Bond, Get Smart, and Man from UNCLE all in one toy. I especially love how it comes with a ring.

Love those ray guns of SDCC


For the steam punk, retro sci fi lover in you comes these FREAKING AWESOME ray guns from Dr. Grordbort. If I were rich, which I’m not, I would totally have a wall of these things. It is a good thing I have a very strict budget when I go to SDCC.

Dr. Grordbort's Guns