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Space 1999 Utility Belt

Continuing with the 70’s era LARPing theme, I bring you the Space 1999 Utility Belt, complete with communicator, chronometer, and stunner disc gun. Space 1999 was really a terrible show, but the design of everything was stellar and Mattel, Dinky and Remco, in this case, did an incredible job of turning the visuals into toys. 

Shogun Warriors Utility Belt

Who doesn’t love Shogun Warriors? I was desperate for one as a kid. I read the comics. Loved them. Never saw this playset, but if I had, I could easily see myself playing Rodan to my brother’s Gaiking.

Alien Chase Target Set

Since 1979 I have been mildly obsessed by the movie Alien and its many sequels. I got the Kenner 18″ Alien for Christmas that year and I’ve been collecting Alien toys ever since. I never saw the Alien Chase Target Set as a kid but sure would have loved it. I particularly like the Alien dart gun. Very 40’s futuristic.

System 7 – 7 Way Task Force

The System 7 – 7 Way Task Force playset would have been my favorite toy if I’d had it as a child. It’s James Bond, Get Smart, and Man from UNCLE all in one toy. I especially love how it comes with a ring.