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Clash of the Titans Kraken

I’ve always loved the work of Ray Harryhausen. The skeleton sword fight in Jason and the Argonauts had me rivited, but the first Harryhausen film I ever saw, and my favorite one, was the last one he made, Clash of the Titans. And the best monster in a film with so many great ones was the Kraken. 

Clash of the Titans toys are insanely expensive, and none more so than the appropriately monstrously large Kraken toy. I think it is arguably one of the best monster toys ever made. I don’t have a good photo of the toy, but a friend of provides these pictures a sealed box – which he bought for $750. 

Super7 ReAction Alien Playset

Spend any time on the site and you will quickly learn I love Alien. I was a huge booster of Super 7 when they were working on the first set of ReAction Alien figures, so when they announced the Playset, I lined up at SDCC to order it. Nearly a year later, it finally arrived. I loved my old Star Wars cardboard and plastic Hoth sets so I had high expectations for the Alien set, and they were largely met. The quality of the plastic base and the cardboard are excellent. But unlike the Hoth sets, the backing on the alien relies on some pretty long flange pieces to hold the backing in place, so you need a good 4 inches or more of extra space behind the set for display purposes. The graphic on the cardboard is quite good, although a little dark. A nice touch is the shot of the Jaugernaut at the top. Photos below if my boxing. If you’re an Alien fan, it is a pretty great addition to a collection and looks great next to the Super7 “Early Bird” Alien display stand if you managed to pick that up.  

Moebius Models Gigantic Frankenstein

What was it about the 70s and plastic model kits? I can’t count the number of cars, space ships, and Universal Monsters I put together. I can still smell the rubber cement. I actually had the Moebius Gigantic Frankenstein and it was every bit as awesome as it looks.

Alien Chase Target Set

Since 1979 I have been mildly obsessed by the movie Alien and its many sequels. I got the Kenner 18″ Alien for Christmas that year and I’ve been collecting Alien toys ever since. I never saw the Alien Chase Target Set as a kid but sure would have loved it. I particularly like the Alien dart gun. Very 40’s futuristic.

King Kong Lunch Box

Returning to the lunch box theme. I loved King Kong. It was one of my first tastes of adventure movies. I collected the cards, had a toy model, and coveted this food transportation device.

Han Solo in Carbonite

IMG_4539.JPGNever know what you will run into at a toy show. I think this would look nice in my office.