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Mattel Rom the Space Knight

Rom The Space KnightWith the return of Rom the Space Knight to the world of comics courtesy of IDW (god I would kill for that gig…,) I thought I’d update my photos of the silver skinned defender of humanity. I was an avid reader of the comics as a kid and really loved the toy. The combination of the LED eyes and the light up armaments, not to mention the sounds, made for one bad ass dude. One thing I particularly liked about Rom was that while he had all these “weapons” he came with, none of them were actually weapons in the traditional sense, especially his Neutralizer. Whenever Rom would blast a Dire Wraiths with it, sending them into another dimension, it looked like he was disintegrating humans. Made for a very misunderstood hero. Someday I hope to steal that idea for a book of my own.

Mattel Battlestar Galactica SDCC exhibit

SDCC15 is nearly upon us! So I am posting some photos of a Mattel exhibit from a few cons ago that was all Battlestar Galactica – and all vintage. Check out the Viper launcher in the lower left corner of the group shot!

Clash of the Titans Kraken

I’ve always loved the work of Ray Harryhausen. The skeleton sword fight in Jason and the Argonauts had me rivited, but the first Harryhausen film I ever saw, and my favorite one, was the last one he made, Clash of the Titans. And the best monster in a film with so many great ones was the Kraken. 

Clash of the Titans toys are insanely expensive, and none more so than the appropriately monstrously large Kraken toy. I think it is arguably one of the best monster toys ever made. I don’t have a good photo of the toy, but a friend of provides these pictures a sealed box – which he bought for $750. 

Mork and Mindy Figure

For Easter, a tangentially related toy. More from Ork, the other Alien that came out of an egg. 

Shogun Warriors Utility Belt

Who doesn’t love Shogun Warriors? I was desperate for one as a kid. I read the comics. Loved them. Never saw this playset, but if I had, I could easily see myself playing Rodan to my brother’s Gaiking.

Space 1999 Toys

Space 1999 is one of my favorite TV series. The premise is ludicrous – the moon forced out of orbit then zooming through the galaxy – but the ships are just so damn cool. And the writing was pretty good too.