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Flashy Flickers Image Picture Gun

Such a useless toy, but still kinda cool. This Flashy Flickers projector gun is up there with the SMDM projector, or Star Trek projection phaser.

Navarone Giant Playset

Marx made the best play sets. Didn’t matter your favorite toy genre – western, sci fi, underwater, or war – Marx made a set with a giant plastic center piece for you. This Navarone Giant Playset is one of my favorites, with the cannons, ladders, and two sets of army men in classic poses, you could act out pretty much any type of assault. The size made it cool, but it also kept Santa from delivering it.


Janice West

I have never liked Western toys as much as Sci-Fi toys, largely due to the limitless potential of sci-fi and that the only western toys available in my youth were Lone Ranger related (which I did have.) But I have always loved westerns on tv and film. The Johnny West line was a bit before my peak toy playing years, but I think I would have liked them.