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V Lunch Box

Not a great show, but fun in a B movie kinda way.

Super Friends Lunch Box

These are still my favorite versions of the DC heroes.

Universal Monsters Lunch Box

In the Halloween theme I present the greatest collection of monsters known to human kind. On a lunch box.

Six Million Dollar Man Lunch Box

I loved watching the Six Million Dollar Man as a kid, and loved the toys too. My lunch boxes were all Sci-Fi, but I would have liked this one.

Munsters Lunch Box

Munsters vs. Addams Family is a lot like Mary Ann vs. Ginger. Both are awesome, just in different ways. Whichever you like better, this lunch box is still cool

UFO Lunch Box

UFO is one of my favorite Gerry Anderson series. Sure his Marionation shows were more ground breaking, but I always loved the pure paranoia of UFO better. Not to mention the awesome uniforms and the oh so cool design of the UFO Interceptor.