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Charlie’s Angels

Okay, these toys are probably intended for girls, but I had a huge crush on Kate Jackson and probably would have enjoyed a Charlie’s Angels <> Six Million Dollar Man nonetheless. 

Wiggly Weirdies

From the same genre as Thing Maker codes Wiggly Weirdies, Hasbro’s entry into the make-you-own toy category. I like how they took it one step further with the whole mad scientist lab as a backdrop.   

SDCC 14: Rom the Space Knight

Hasbro showed everybody’s favorite Space Knight some some love at SDCC with a show exclusive Rom the Space Knight…thing.

I’ve never understood the fat bodied toy designs. Why make a cool toy into something squat and round? I’m glad Rom is getting some new action (and boy would I love a new comic!) but this item really didn’t do much for me. The He-Man stuff is way cooler.


GI Joe

I always wanted GI Joe toys as a kid, but I was a bit too young to get them in their heyday. I’ve never collected them because of their price, but I would sure like to.

Stretch Armstrong Serpent on eBay!

1978 Kenner Stretch Serpent

Okay, I don’t usually point to ebay auctions, but this is one case where I think it’s worth sharing.

Stretch Armstrong is a fabulous toy from the 70s. He stretches! He’s strong! and he had AWESOME enemies, like the titular Serpent, a Sears catalog exclusive. The super fine MIB specimen currently up on ebay was owned by a Sears exec who had a hand in bringing this particular exclusive to life. If you want it, better have deep pockets though! As of this writing it is selling for a whopping $9,000 – but it hasn’t hit the reserve yet!

Want to own a pretty rare piece of 1978 Kenner toy bliss? Sell your car and pick up this toy!

UPDATE: So the Serpent didn’t sell. BUT! If you’re willing to “Buy it now” there is a second MIB Stretch Serpent up on eBay right now. If only I were rich…