Super 7 Alien Glasses Photos

Alien Glasses DisplayIf it isn’t already painfully obvious, I can’t wait for these Alien drink glasses from Super7 to release! This is the first time they’ve provided some really good pictures and announced a release date of July, so I feel compelled to post.

Alien was one of the first films that just plain scared the pants off me. I have nightmares about going on bug hunts to this day. The Kenner 18′ Alien is still one of my most prized toys. So these drink glasses have a special place in my want list.

The four 16 oz pint glasses each have a scene from the movie on one side and a text description of the life cycle of the xenomorph on the back. Super7 managed to capture each of the scenes that really stuck with since seeing the movie, particularly the Space Jockey. But see for yourself…


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