Series 2 Ships

MillenniumĀ Falcon

The series 2 ships are easily my favorite and the Millennium Falcon is a big winner. The detailing and paint work is fantastic and there are several moving parts. The radar dish and gun on the top side both rotate and on the bottom of the ship are three landing gear. In the cockpit you can see reasonably detailed figures as well. This one is very easy to find boxed or loose.

TIEĀ Bomber

This die cast is next to impossible to find loose or complete, and if you can find it, it is buco dinero. The TIE Bomber features a die cast body, plastic removable wings and plastic detailing. Inside the cockpit is a very detailed pilot that looks something like a snow Stormtrooper.

ImperialĀ Cruiser

Is there anyone who wasn’t immediately enthralled by the opening sequence of Star Wars when Princess Leia’s Command Ship is being pursued by a GIGANTIC star destroyer? That’s what makes this die cast so great, in addition to fantastic detailing and paint, there is a miniature command ship that fits inside the bottom of the Cruiser! This one is easy to find and a must own.

Y-Wing Fighter

Another of the great die casts. First off, the Y-Wing just looks cool and Kenner did a great job detailing and painting the ship. There are two moving parts, a rotating gun on the top and landing gear on the bottom. The wings of the Y-wing are removable, and actually tend to fall out pretty easily. The coolest thing about this ship is the bomb in the belly of the Y-Wing that you can launch. The Y-Wing is pretty easy to find, but the bomb is usually missing.

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  1. Have a loose Die Csat Imperial Tie Bomber that’s in great shape. Any ideas of much it’s worth? I’d really like to sell it, or trade someone for a inexpensive fishing boat.


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