South Bend ST:TMP

South Bend, a Milton Bradley toy company, produced three toys based on Star Trek: The Motion Picture that I’m aware of.

The best known toy was undoubtedly the Electronic Enterprise, with ascending and descending sounds and phasers controlled by a knob. The neatest thing about the Enterprise, though, was that you could disassemble and reassemble it into other ships. And if you had two…Well you could really build cool stuff.

South Bend also made a set of Electronic Phasers that work a lot like laser tag. Each phaser emits a sound and a light beam. Hit your opponent’s phaser’s sensor, and it “explodes.” I had hours of fun with my phasers.

But the least known item they made was a costume belt and buckle and badge. If you could find a set of tan or cream pants and shirt, you could put yourself right in the movie!


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