Visible Woman

Visible WomanThis was another cool toy I found at the toy show in San Jose. I’ve seen the visible man before, but this was the first time I had seen the woman.

Super Toy Show San Jose

Last weekend I went to this twice annual toy show in San Jose. It used to be the Humdinger toy show I think.

I missed out on buying a boxed 18″ alien for $250 while I went to get cash. I was hugely disappointed. But I saw some cool stuff.

Here is a Buck Rogers toy I had never seen before that is kind of cool.

More to come.

Buck Rogers Communicators

Want to talk toys?

I have added an area where you can just talk about toys, leave me feedback, or whatever. It is non toy specific, and is really just a comments page. so not a lot of functionality. I’ll try to find a real forum tool for WordPress and add that to the site so we can have a better time chatting if it gets used a lot.

Red Falcon Clones


Red Falcon Clone in Red
Red Falcon Clone in Red

Adam wrote in on a comment on the Micronauts Red Falcon page asking about RF clones. There are a lot of them out there. I am not as well versed in my RF clone lore as some, but I do have a few of them in my collection. Take a look at this one…



This particular clone has a red and white body, a different head that than RF, but has some common parts like the armor and the sword. Unlike RF, who turns into a big bird, a falcon perhaps?, this one turns into a motorcycle. Kinda neat.


A second clone I have is in green and is more Red Falcon like than the red one.

Red Falcon Clone in Green
Red Falcon Clone in Green

Like RF, this one has wings and body armor. It also shares the standard RF head. Unlike RF, his body armor has two guns attached to it and he packs a couple of pistols. 

In Adam’s post, he mentioned a black RF clone. I don’t have one, and haven’t seen one, but there is no reason to believe it might not have been part of this line of knock offs. 

From what little I do know these guys were sold in discount toy stores and places like Big Lots. May have been sold in drug stores. Overall, the toy quality is poor, but they do have magnetic ball joints like the Micronaut and Microman Magnemo toys.

These pics were shot with my cell out of my toy case, so excuse the fuzzy quality.

Tente not Lego

Someone left a post the other day asking me about Tente. If you don’t know what it is, you’re missing out. Tente was a Lego-like building system that was mainly available outside the US. I got mine while living in Colombia, SA. 

Anyway, the system had very similar blocks to Legos and the kits were thematic, like space or transportation. And like Legos, you could build them into whatever you wanted. I didn’t have a lot of them, but they were ahead of Lego in many ways. While Lego still had pretty generic pieces in the 70s and early 80s, Tente had a lot of specialized wheels and parts in their kits. But they made a lot fewer sets…

Tente Building System
Tente Building System

Doctor Who – Blink

I used to have a lot of TV and movie related stuff on BEM, but took it down when I re-did the site. I’m not going to focus on this by any means, but I love sci-fi and movies and TV, so it will occasionally show up.

Last night, I was watching the new Doctor Who. I’m up to Series 3. I enjoy it. It’s a fun show. But it hasn’t rocked my world or anything. Until I saw an episode called Blink. 

Scary as hell and effing brilliant! I love a good time travel mystery and this one really delivers. Starts off with a young lady in a spooky old house peeling off some old wallpaper with a message from The Doctor from 1963. The Doctor is hardly in the episode, but it was brilliant none the less. 

If you’re not a Doctor Who fan, or if you haven’t watched Series 3 and this episode yet, you really should. I’ve re-watched it twice and love it more each time.

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