New Toy Page: TH3 Project

black_genius1I had lunch with a very cool guy last week who was in town interviewing. We were chatting and it came up that I run this site. Which he was hugely surprised to learn, especially since he was a big fan of the site.

We talked some more and he (rightfully) chastised me about not updating the site a bit more often, especially since I am unemployed at the moment and have a lot of time on my hands.

So, in honor of the guy who bought me lunch because I forgot my wallet (seriously, how pathetic is that?) I am updating the site with a toy line most of you are probably unfamiliar with, the Italian Sci Fi series from Edison Giocattoli, TH3 Project. If you like 70’s Sci Fi, you’ll love these toys…

Up now is the overview page. This week I will add a page dedicated to two of the characters, Tharos and Thitan, two of the playsets, Video Control and Black Genius, and a page with some random, but cool, scans and pictures.

UPDATE: Added a Black Genius page.

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