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South Bend Star Trek The Motion Picture Enterprise FrontI’ve always been a big fan of Star Trek. I’m not old enough to have seen the Original Series in first run, but I distinctly remember going to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture in theaters. As big a deal as Star Wars was for me, Star Trek was a pretty close second. And I was just old enough to remember the Christmas when I got BOTH the Electronic Enterprise and the Electronic Phasers. I didn’t know it at the time, but there were actually a LOT of toys for the movie that I wished I’d had as a kid. But the nice thing about growing up and having eBay is I can have them now. For a price.

sttmp-birdofprey4I just re-watched the movie, so I decided to take some time and photograph some toys and create a Star Trek: The Motion Picture section on the site. It covers all the awesome Mego ST:TMP toys, as well as the electronic toys from South Bend.

7 thoughts on “New Star Trek The Motion Picture Section”

  1. Trully awesome! where those ships done by Southbend or Mego for the Foreign market?

    also awesome page Sir!

    1. The smaller ships (Enterprise, Klingon War Ship, Vulcan Shuttle) were Mego, the big one was South Bend. And glad you like it!

      1. Just wanted to let to you know Ricardo .I freakin love your web you have a area for people to post their collections and share?

        1. Glad you like it!

          I hadn’t thought about guest collection posting. I figured most folks would use tumblr, flickr or something similar.

          I will have to give that some thought. But if you want to submit photos for an existing or new section, that works.

          1. Easiest way would be to share a Dropbox folder or post them to a photo sharing site for me to grab.

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