New page = shoot out in space!

Shoot Out In Space
Shoot Out In Space

Yeah! I finally got off my rear end and put up a new toy. The picture tells the story, the new addition to BEM is Shoot Out In Space, one of my all time favorite ray gun toys. Read on and take a peak at my not so terribly insightful scribblings on this classic Sci Fi toy.

5 thoughts on “New page = shoot out in space!”

  1. I never had this game, but it’s concept of spinning around on the turntable makes me think of the old “Chutes Away” games. Do you remember that one? That takes me back.

  2. I had this game! It was awesome. Now that it’s Christmas, I was looking for it for my kids, but of course nobody had one.

  3. Have the box, have the base and rockets. No ray gun and I never see this on Ebay. Anyone need it? All in decent/good shape. Had to clean out part of my parent’s basement. Amazing what they kept and what they threw away. What good is half a toy?

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