Mystery Guest Writer

Comic book artist and film maker Matt Haley and I have a mutual acquaintance who just happens to have created two of the toys featured on BEM. We had been chatting about doing an homage to the toys and getting said creator to tell their story and finally got off our butts to approach said creator. 

Good news is he agreed! So at some unidentified point in the future we will be getting the unabridged editions of the creations of two of my favorite toys. 

Can you guess which toys and how they’re connected? First person to do so will get some lame prize from me.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Guest Writer”

  1. I love your site! I haven’t been back to check on this in a year or so. I’m glad YOU aren’t lazy/forgetful:)

    I had some Buck Rogers toys, Micronauts, StarBird, Big Track, 6 Million, and a couple others (including the Jaws game. That was a big fish!).

    I was wondering if you ever got any Tente toys when you were growing up (I’m 35). I grew up in Germany–dad was military–so maybe that’s where we got them. They were these really cool Lego knockoff kinda toys, but they were AWESOME. I had an aircraft carrier and a couple ships.

    Thanks for updating. I won’t be a stranger anymore!


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