my sole reader has spoken…

I feel like putting up a new page this weekend and I am going with the will of the person. One person requested Mego Flash Gordon, so this weekend I’ll snap some shots Flash, Dale and Ming and get ’em up!

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  1. There was a line of figures based on classic sci-fi movies. I can recall seeing a figure for The Fly, the moorlok from The Time Machine, and I believe there were two others in the line. Could you do a feature about them?

    Also, how about Shogun Warriors? What about the Rodan that was produced around the same time as the US run of Shogun Warriors?



  2. Bill, those are a line of toys from a company called Tomland. I think the line was “Tomland Movie Monsters.” Here’s a link with some good info, though not many pictures.

    As for doing pages on either the tomland toys or shogun, i would love to, but in general, i try to do pages on toys I either had as a kid, or collected later. In part, because I actually know something about them at that point. But also in part because i have something to take pictures of!

    I have a few toy lines that I will always keep. Rom. Zoids. Alien. Micronauts. Mighty Max. And others that I collect, enjoy for a while, photograph, and sell so I can collect something else. I have a zero sum space and cash thing going. I can only buy myself another toy if I sell a toy to cover the cost.

    I’ve always loved the tomland movie monsters though…

  3. No there are at least 2 readers! :p

    I come here every couple of months to see what’s new. I also vote for Flash, however Micronauts are my passion.

  4. Have been having problems with my light box so the Flash pictures haven’t been turing out too well. Am very likely to do Shoot Out In Space next, since I already have the pics.

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