Mighty Max

Mighty Max on his Maxi-Mobile Machine

Mighty Max – The Maximum Man

-Maxi-Mobile is powered forward and backward and reverses automatically!

-Maxi-Winch lifts heavy objects, or helps

-Mighty Max climb walls!

-Mighty Max poses nearly any way; disassemble and reassemble him!

-37 pieces including Mighty Max, Maxi-Mobile, Maxi-Winch, wrench, shield, lance and helmet!

-Ages 5 and up


Mighty Max was released in 1976 by the Tomy corporation, the same company that would later release the Tron figures and Light Cycles.

All of the orange bolts on Max an be unscrewed to combine his parts into a variety of different Max styles. All of these joints make Max a very poseable figure.

Max comes with everything in this picture and a small orange wrench piece (not pictured) that can be used to tighten or loosen the bolts.

When the Maxi-Mobile, Max’s car, is turned on it will drive forward or backward until it hits a wall. The forks in the front and back will then reverse the engine sending Max in the other direction. There are also orange struts on the side of the Maxi-Mobile that Max can grip to do stunt riding. The yellow winch can also be used to haul items or help Max climb vertical heights.

16 thoughts on “Mighty Max”

  1. i had this. it was actually a pretty great toy. climbing walls using the winch was my favorite. thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m feelin a little guilty here because I still have MAX in his original box.

    I always made sure to put him back in the box, because he is so cool.

    My original Max from when I was a kid,

    has a Gold Head and says made in Japan on the back.

    About a year ago I was at a yard sale and I found another Mighty Max,

    with no box and missing the mobile machine.

    But this Max has a Silver Head and says made in Hong Kong on the back.

    I am now wondering which Mighty Max came first Silver head or Gold head?

    1. I have never actually seen a gold headed Max! Would love to get a picture for the site. If you’re willing, post and I’ll email you about getting it up! (With credit of course!)

  3. I had one of these as well back in the 70’s. It was one of my favorite toys. I just picked one up on ebay in the box. Now my son can enjoy mighty max as well!

  4. Holy crap! Thank you for helping me identify several toys from my childhood that I had recollections of, but had forgotten their names. Specifically Mighty Max, the Metal Men and the StarBird Space Avenger.

    You’re doing God’s work. Thanks again!!!

  5. Is there a value on one still in box if box is not in best condition?

    Mine has been sitting around since my childrens days and though yrs ago i put it in yard sale it never sold so we just kept it, dont do selling on Ebay so have no idea what ones worth. if someone wants to see a picture i can take. cool site first time visiting

  6. I had thi guy.. Silver head, christmas…. loved him.. fought my 19 Inch Godzilla and shogun warriors… We moved and mom throughout all my toys… this pages brought back many sand box and garage memories of flyig the universe.. thank you

  7. Nancy ebay it! we would all love to bid on it… just started to put my childhood godzilla collection back pre kids… I am 40 and my four kids laugh at my hobbies.. I laughed at my dads…

  8. Hey Rick “The BTM”‘

    I posted a while back about the Gold headed mighty max, sorry about the delay, but I have some cool pictures of Max if you want them for your site

    let me know.

  9. Does anyone know what the original Japanese version was called? I’ve heard that in Japan they offered an optional accessory kit but I can’t find any info anywhere. The gold headed one looks cool, nothing different about it except the head but still cool, haven’t seen one for sale yet.

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