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The Aquatron is one of two water friendly Micronaut vehicles. The Aquatron has two pontoons that can keep it afloat and a detachable prop moter (the same motor used in the HyrdroCopter) to propel it. The handle can be swiveled to make the aquatron work like a jetski. There are also wheels that can be attached for driving pleasure.

Crater Cruncher

Arguably one of the dumbest Micronaut vehicles. An extendable crane and scoop make the Cruncher the obvious construction vehicle of the Micronaut universe. The Crater Cruncher also has a torque wind up motor to get it moving.

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Galactic Cruiser

The Galactic Cruiser is one of two Micronaut tricycles. No torque motor, but it does have a great dart gun. There are three different versions of the Galactic Cruiser, the one pictured here is the most common. Another version has a different dart gun, and the third version was a blue Montgomery Wards exclusive. The two side wheels are notorious for being loose, making this one of the more dangerous vehicles for the time travelers to drive.

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The Hydrais a great looking vehicle but poorly designed. The two rear wheels are frequently very loose and tend to fall off. The plastic between the two front wheels frequently cracks in half, and the handlebars often snap off. That said, it is a pretty cool toy if it is in good shape.

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This vehicle first made an appearance in a 1980 Mego toy catalog as a “solarion/taurion assortment” but in fact includes a number of parts found in neither toy, most notably the gun. I don’t think Mego ever actually produced this toy, but it did show up in Italy under the Gig I Micronauti line. Like tha Taurion, the actual Hyperion has a white wind up motor instead of the regular chrome.

It also made an appearance as the Hulk Explorer in Mego’s Pocket Heros line. You can see a picture of it the Clones section.

Hyrdo Copter

The Hydro Copter is the other water friendly Micronaut vehicle. In features a motor that turns the helicopter blades and rotates the ball chamber to make it move forward. In the aquatic form, it has two pontoons and paddles to move it about.

Neon Orbiter

This is the Micronauts chopper. Die cast metal with lots of wings and angles.

Photon Sled

The Photon Sled is another of the torque motor driven toys. Very common and lots of fun.

Rhodium Orbiter

This is another of the die cast vehicles in the Micronauts line. The Rhodium orbiter is sometimes pictured with a plastic canopy, but the shipping version looked like this.


This isone of the more rare Micronaut vehicles, as it came out at the end of the toys’ life span. The Solarion has a white torque motor (as opposed to the chrome ones on most of the toys) and a front skid. It was cloned as a vehicle for the Batman action figure line.

Star Searcher

Aside from the Astro Station, this is my favorite vehicle. The Star Searcher can come apart and form several different vehicles, including a crane, shovel, scooter probe, and cannon. The crane parts are often lost or broken, as are the winch parts. Even if you do get an incomplete one, this item is particularly easy to get all the parts for. This box is the Italian version, but the Star Searcher US box is virtually the same.


TheTaurion, like the Solarion, was released late in the toy line. It also has a white motor and was cloned to be a craft for Robin in the Batman action figure line.

Thorium Orbiter

The Thorium Orbiter is the third and final in the die cast orbiter series. The two white pods on the sides are functional periscopes.

Ultronic Scooter

This is the other Micronaut Trike. Not much to look at, not much to play with, though it does have a torque motor and came with a Time Traveler.

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Warp Racer

This is the Micronauts’ race car and my first Micronaut toy. It came with a Time Traveler and ran on a torque motor.

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  1. hallo,

    i found an Micronaut toy.

    on the back side i found this info: pat pend

    mego corp. 1976

    hong kong

    so i went google’ing i found out that a part was missing ( the part in middle of the body )

    and a white part on the back.

    bud…. on foto’s i saw they ware all made of plastic

    bud mine is made from metal exept : the head and the hands they are made of plastic.

    the arms and legs are not collerd metal ( silver ), the torso and ”boots” are collerd red.

    the plastic head is collerd silver.

    I could not find good info. about it.

    than i found this website.

    so I thouht U might have some info. about it.

    if you have info. and want to help me find out more about Micronaut Time Traveler toý’s i would realy like it if you could send me some info. about the metal time travelers.

    Great: rudiger

    p.s. i am from The Netherlands so sorry for mistakes in my letter.

    age: 14

    thanks for you help anyway

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