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The dark lord of the Micronauts? The Emperor is unique among the Magno figures, all of which are characterized by their Magnemo 11 magnetic ball joints. Emperor has a body similar to Karza of Force Commander, but his chest is gold chrome, he has a cape, and his fists, eyes and teeth glow in the dark. He also shares a firing fist missile in common with the FC and Karza. Like the Red Falcon, Emperor sports a large sword that clips to fists. The Emperor figure was an import only item, and was later re-released as an Interchangeable figure. Click for Emperor photo gallery.


The Emperor’s steed. Megas lives up to his royal stature by sporting a gold chrome mane, a gold body and a gold tail. Like all the steeds, he can be combined with the Emperor to create a centaur, or his legs can be replaced with sporty racing wheels. An import only item.

Red Falcon

The most versatile magno figure, Red Falcon is also the most sought after and imitated magno figure. RF’s main assembly is an imposing anime styled character based on a Japanese toy named Death Cross. RF comes with a large sword and can transform into a missile firing bird.

Green Baron

The Green Baron is one of two import only magno figures that are identical except for their color, the other being King Atlas. GB is very much like his American counterpart, Force Commander, with a different head and a bright green body.


Green Baron’s steed. King Atlus has a horse exactly like this but red, named Lantaurian. Pegasus is also very much like Karza and Force Commander’s mounts, with the exception of his color and head. Like Green Baron and King Atlus, Pegasus and his red counterpart Lantaurian were import only items.

King Atlas

Here’s King Atlas himself. Exactly like Green Baron but blood red in color. Are they enemies? Friends? Who knows, but if you like the magnetic figures, this one is great to mix and match with.


A blood red steedfor a blood red King Atlas. Four legs, two missile launchers and a set of wheels round out this develish looking mount’s accessories. Like Green Baron, Pegasus, and King Atlas, Lantaurion is an Italian Gig only toys.

Force Commander

This is probably the most remembered of all the Micronauts. Force Commander was the driving force behind the good micros. With firing fists and a firing chest missile, the FC is an imposing figure.


Force Commander’s stallion. Oberon has firing side mounted missiles and a set of wheels that can replace his legs. By removing Oberon’s head and Force Commander’s legs, they can be merged to form a centaur.

Baron Karza

The evil nemesis of the good Micronauts and Force Commander’s antagonist. Like FC, Karza has firing fists and a firing chest missile.


Baron Karza’s horse. Very much like Oberon, and can be transformed into a centaur with Baron Karza.

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  1. I’ve still got my Airfix editions of Baron Karza & Force Commander in their boxes.

    Still two of my favourite toys from my childhood.

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