Large Vehicles

Astro Station

This is one of my favorite vehicles. It has two guns, an ejection pod, lots of swivel seats for time travelers to sit in, and swing out panels. In terms of shear fun, I don’t think any of the vehicles in the Micronauts line are better than the Astro Station.

Battle Cruiser

One of the most recognized of the Micronaut toys, the Battle Cruiser wins hands down as having the most parts of any micro vehicle. Lots of darts, a motor, a remote control and lots of interchangeability made the BattleCruiser a great toy.

Mobile Exploration Lab

The largest of the Micronaut vehicles, the MEL can become a half dozen different vehicles. The cone shaped front of the MEL comes out to form a little ship. The vertical tube, the top pod and the base ship can also become their own vehicles. On the cool side, the MEL has lots of hidden seating for Micronaut figures and a child un-friendly dart gun. After the proto-mythical “swallowing” incident, Mego shipped a glue peace bonded missile launcher for the MEL. Click for photos.

Star Defender

The MEL may have Star Defender beat in physical size, but no Micronaut ship is as extensible as this baby. Star Defender packs a Taurion and two Solarion as part of its complement, as well as two missile launchers and gripping claws. The body of the Star Defender is like the Star Searcher’s but the parts are somewhat re-colored. Here’s what the catalog says about it:

Micronauts will be safer tonight because Star Defender, the motorized defense vehicle is near. This super defense system includes three attack spacecrafts, a crank operated Micronaut transporter and a forward defense unit with rotating grapplers.

Although the catalog indicates the Star Defender was motorized, most people I know with this toy have a non-motorized version. There was also a Buck Rogers version of this toy released. If you have a picture of it, please send it my way!

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