Attack of the Clones

While¬†Micronauts were themselves clones of Takara’s Micromen, there were a number of toys similar to the Micronauts that are collectively referred to as clones. Some were authorized by Mego (like those from Lionrock,) some were plain rip offs (there are a lot of Red Falcon knock offs,) and some had nothing to do with the company at all, but just seem very Micro like or use the same parts.


Robin Shuttle

Lion Rock, a Canadian company, was responsible for a lot of authorized Mego knock offs. The Robin Shuttle for Mego’s Super Heroes line is one example. The toy itself is a recolored Taurion from the Micro line, with a HydroCopter gun and Solarion upper wings.

Batman Shuttle

This is another Lion Rock, Mego authorized toy for the Super Heroes line that is based on the Micronauts Solarion, stripped of most of its parts with a custom bat-wing in the rear.


Hulk Explorer

Although the Hulk isn’t nearly as cool as Batman or Robin, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have a stylin’ vehicle. Seen here is the Hulk Explorer, aka Micronauts Hyperion, aka Solarion/Taurion Assortment.

This shot from the back of the Robin Shuttle box makes the Micronaut-ness of the Hulk Explorer stand out a bit more. Note the Astorstation gun and the Hydrocopter back wheels. Our buddy the hulk doesn’t look like he could grip that gun at all. Maybe it was designed for more petit hands…

Spider Mobile

Hmmmm…..This looks suspiciously like a Solarion, or maybe the Bat Shuttle. A little re-coloring, add a few pieces and viola, Spider Mobile. It’s a shame they didn’t include the Solarion’s wind up motor with this baby.

Inter-Changeables – Cosmobot

The Inter-Changeables were a line of toys based on Mego’s Micronaut molds that succeeded Mego after they declared bankruptcy. Most of the Inter-Changeables line are brightly colored variations of the Mego toys. This one, Cosmobot, is a redo of the Micronaut Biotron.

Lords of Light – Emperor Dementia

The Lords of Light toy line came after the Micronauts and Mego had closed up shop. Many of them are based on parts used in Mego’s aliens or Fantasy Figures. All of them glow in the dark, come with weapon accessories and asmall comic book. A glow wand came with all of the Lords of Light figures, I believe, and is often missing or “out of juice” if you are lucky enough to find one of these very elusive toys.

Emperor Dementia is the arch-villain of the line and the least Micronaut like of the toys. He’s also the easiest to find.


The Fantanauti, though not technically clones, are very similar to the Magno line of Micronaut and Microman toys and were made by the Italian company Gig. They have magnetic ball joints that hold their arms, legs and head together and are similar in construction to toys like Green Baron and Red Falcon.

The theme for the Fantanauti, if the name didn’t give it away, is fantasy, and the characters come equiped with swords, axes, and shields.


A good guy Fantanauti that fills the hero warrior role for the toy line. As you can see in the picture above, the mighty Totila comes with a variety of weapons, a shield and a missile launching gun that sort of throws off the fantasy bit.


Doesn’t this one just ooze evil? The menacing green Wiscid il Malvagio is the villain, weilding a wicked looking sword, a trident, mace, dagger and a missile launching gun. Wiscid is my favorite among the Fantanauti.


Just like their magno Micronaut counterparts, the Fantanauti need a ride. Uragan is Totila’s missile toting unicorn steed. Like Andromeda and Pegasus in the Micronaut line, Uragan comes with a set of wheels, two missile launchers and can be combined with the torsos of the figures to create centaurs.

There is also a steed for Wiscid named Venefic that has a more dragonlike appearance.


steedbackCavalieri Stellari


The Cavalieri Stellari are an Italian space western themed take on the magnemo design, featuring three characters and three matching steeds.

The humans, like the Fantanauti, don’t really borrow from the world of Micronauts and Microman, but their steeds are straight up re-casts of Oberon.

I sort of get the sense that whoever made this line was thinking The Good (Blue), The Bad (Red) and the Ugly (Green.)


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