3 3/4 Inch Figures


The Acroyear figure is also from the Microman toy line and is the evil enemy of the good Micronauts. On the bottom of the Acroyear’s feet are two rollers, so the figure can scoot along. Acroyear also comes with a small sword and bird like wing that can be attached to the bottom of his feet.

Acroyear II

Figures don’t come more poorly constructed than this. Acroyear II’s arms and legs are very flimsy and prone to cracking. Rather than hands, Acroyear II has two large balls. None of the appendages stick to the torso very well.

Acroyear II is another Micronaut villain.

The Galactic Warrior is one of two die cast figures in the Micronaut line. GW came in several colors, including blue, red and green. Each color variation came with a matching colored dart gun. The gun is really two pieces, one piece that attaches to the GW’s chest, and the second piece which holds the dart and has handles for the GW to hold on to.

Galactic Defender

The Galactic Defender is the best dressed Micronaut, with more accessories than any other 3 inch figure. The Galactic Defender comes with a sword, laser gun, two leg wings, two cuff wings, backpack wings and a hood. Galactic Defender also comes in several color variations, including white, yellow, and red.


The Pharoid and his Egyptian style case is easily one of the most memorable Micronaut figures. The only accessories the Pharoid comes with is two hip wings.

Red Carded Variant

Grey Carded Variant

Space Glider

The Space Glider is the other die cast figure in the Micro toy line. The Space Glider comes with a blue helmet, regardless of what color the figure is, and a collapsible wing pack that gives the figure its name.

Time Traveler

The foot soldier of the Micronaut army. I remember my first Time Traveler more clearly than any other toy I was given as a child. In my stocking the Christmas of 1977 was a blue TT. Under the tree was a Giant Acroyear. I was completely enthralled by my little transparent friend with his amazingly detailed hands, face and feet.

TT’s come in four colors, clear, yellow, blue and orange. They also come in solids, blue, green, yellow, and red. They also have a variety of chest plates that come in different colors and shapes. The little L shaped item above the fellow to the left is a pipe that fits in his back and attaches him to other Micronaut toys.

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  1. I’m looking for the correct names of the Time travelers chestplates. I’ve heard them called “log cabin”, “radio dial”, “window panes”, and “volt meter”. But I don’t know which is which. Can you help?


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