Speed Jumper PoliceKeeper

The Microman Speed Jumper is a friction motor vehicle. You pull it back to wind the motor, then let it go. If the vehicle’s nose rams into anything, it fires a spring loaded ejector seat, launching the driver into the air.

The vehicle came with a figure, shown. He’s a bit smaller than a Time Traveler, and with that big helmet, a bit more aerodynamic too.

2 thoughts on “Speed Jumper PoliceKeeper”

  1. I think these came with one of the Police Keeper figures. Or maybe none at all. But I don’t think that Hood Man figure came with it. If what you hand is a second hand toy, someone might of slipped in that Hood Man figure.

  2. You may well be right. I’ve not had a Police Keeper figure. Where are they, size wise, in comparison to other Micro figures? A TT, for example, would be too big for the vehicle. The Hood Man figure, if that’s what it is, was a smaller scale. Anything bigger wouldn’t fit in the vehicle.

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