Masters of the Universe Knock Offs

I found┬áthese Masters of the Universe knock off toys at a recent toy show. The seller didn’t really know anything about them either, but they are┬ásuper fun, and easily as cool as any of the genuine MotU toys from back in the day. I particularly loved the battle elephant and the, um, attention to detail in the dude’s anatomy.

Do you know what this toy line was called and who made it?

2 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe Knock Offs”

  1. You ,sir, have a variety of brands there.Most of those beasties are from molds by Imperial.Try a site called Knock Off Collector.That guy will definitely know what it all is.

    1. I will! I had someone post on FB that the elephant and two-headed lizard beast are from the Lasers, Robots & Galaxies line. The dragon man is from Galaxy Warrior (not to be confused with Galaxy Warriors).

      I’m assuming these are mid 80’s toys. I wasn’t too into toys at that point in my life.

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