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The Indiana Jones movies are some of my favorite films, even the Temple of Doom. Consequently, Indy toys are also a favorite of mine. Kenner had the license to make toys based on the movies and put out a series of small figures similar to their successful Star Wars toys, and a tall, 12 inch figure.

The 12 inch figure is by far one of the best Indy toys. The toy comes with a whip, gun, felt Fedora, and pleather jacket. He’s fully poseable, and., well, just plain cool. He’s also one of the more expensive Indy collectibles, especially in the box, ranging as high as $250 to $300.

The 3 3/4 inch figures covered the spectrum of characters from both Raiders and Temple of Doom. The figures were quite well detailed, coming with a variety of accessories. Indy here comes with a gun and whip.

You can still find almost any figure on the card ranging in price from $20 for a Cairo Swordsman to $400 for a Marion Ravenwood. Loose figures are obviously cheaper, but complete Indys and Marions still fetch a hefty price.

Kenner also produced a series of playsets around the movie, including The Map Room, Streets of Cairo and the Well of Souls. Unlike most other toy playsets, these sets actually included unique figures, like the disquised Indy in the Map Room.

Kenner also produced some vehicles for the line, including a horse and the german truck that transports the Ark from the airfield.

The early carded figures had offers for a mail away ceremonial Belloq, which puts the evil archaologist in his ritualistic clothes for the final sequence of the film. For most toy lines, mail away figures are difficult to come by, but the Ceremonial Belloq is actually quite affordable and easy to get.

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  1. Well, I have 4 Indy posters or can be fliped to make a big full size one of the 2nd movie and would like to now if you have any information on them or can lead me in the right direction.

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