Hello world!

I just upgraded The BEM to a wordpress blog system. Now I can post whatever random toy thoughts come my way and have a CMS for the toys themselves. No more broken links! Yeah!

Hope you like it. Look forward to seeing any comments as well.

Toodles. Rick “The BEM” Sanchez.

6 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. I was looking on ebay to find out what an Electronic Starbird is worth but I didn’t see any. I was fixing to put mine on ebay when I found your site.

    It is missing one of the thrusters on the back & the gun is missing, it also has a burn mark on the engine exhaust area where I put a lighter up to it to see if it would make a flame come out. Yeah a 9 or 10 year old with a lighter

    doesn’t sound good does it. Anyway all the electronics & lights still work good. any ideas thanks Howard h-n-h@att.net

  2. No problem, Rick. Hey, do you have a spot on the site that we can recommend toys from yesteryear? I didn’t really see one. But I wanted to mention Tootsietoys. Remember those? The vehicle sets you used to be able to get from the old Friendly Home Party catalogs? at least, that’s where my mom always got mine. lol

  3. Your wish is my command! Click the “A chat about toys” link in the toy list and you can leave non-post/toy specific comments!

    I never actually had any tootsietoys. At least I don’t recall having any. There was one little space shuttle toy I had that I loved that may have been tootsietoy, but I’ve never seen a picture of it anywhere else, so I’m not sure.

  4. I loved the way every year I got a different boxed set of toys. One year was SWAT, one year was fire trucks. It was sweet. And they were metal and plastic, so they’ve lasted for years. My nephews play with them now.

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