Evel Knievel King of the Stuntmen

Do you remember Evel Knievel? I sure do. Loved his name. Had his stunt cycle too. But just ran across this item the other day at a toy show. Nice fellow selling it let me snap a picture. Quality is right up there with Action Jackson accessories, if not better.

Evel Knievel Artic Explorer Set
Evel Knievel Artic Explorer Set

One thought on “Evel Knievel King of the Stuntmen”

  1. I had the Evel Knievel crashing car. It was one of the coolest toys I ever had, I think. Wind it up on the….winder…thingy….and let `er rip into a wall and BANG! the whole car “exploded”. Pure awesomeness!

    BTW – your site is pretty incredible!

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