ERTL Super Stars Toys

What wasn’t made into a toy in the 70s/early 80s? I’m sure there are other ERTL Super Stars toys, but Rocky III and “The Bandit” make even the Love Boat toys seem kinda like good ideas.

4 thoughts on “ERTL Super Stars Toys”

  1. hi, i own actually 5 figures of this line … as far as i know all figures exist. have never seen or heard of others than these 5:
    – bandit
    – rocky
    – colt seavers
    – richard petty
    – darrell waltrip

    cheers and greetz from germany,

    1. Wow am I delinquent in responding to you. I started a new job in January and have been even more busy than usual. I’d love photos if you’re willing to send them!

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