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I used to have a lot of TV and movie related stuff on BEM, but took it down when I re-did the site. I’m not going to focus on this by any means, but I love sci-fi and movies and TV, so it will occasionally show up.

Last night, I was watching the new Doctor Who. I’m up to Series 3. I enjoy it. It’s a fun show. But it hasn’t rocked my world or anything. Until I saw an episode called Blink. 

Scary as hell and effing brilliant! I love a good time travel mystery and this one really delivers. Starts off with a young lady in a spooky old house peeling off some old wallpaper with a message from The Doctor from 1963. The Doctor is hardly in the episode, but it was brilliant none the less. 

If you’re not a Doctor Who fan, or if you haven’t watched Series 3 and this episode yet, you really should. I’ve re-watched it twice and love it more each time.

7 thoughts on “Doctor Who – Blink”

  1. My email starts with “DrWhoFan” so you can imagine my feelings on both the old and new show. And “Blink” is one of the better episodes by far of Season 3. By the way, when you get done with it, go on You Tube and look up “Doctor Who Time Crash” for a real old series/new series treat!

    And by the way, The Angels have the Blue Box…and their own action figures now. There’s a screaming and weeping Angel figure.

  2. LOVED Time Crash! Thanks for the heads up! And I must now also go looking for the angel figures…need to make shelf space.

    I also just watched Gridlock. The idea of a 25 year traffic jam – I love it!

  3. I have them in my TARDIS playset. And I’m picking up the new Classic Doctor Who Action Figure series. It includes the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Doctors, and has a build-a-figure of the Giant Robot from the first Tom Baker episode.

    “Gridlock” with the Face of Boe. or is it…..????

  4. I actually haven’t. Been using my ReplayTV (Yeah, i cling to that device…) to watch and the episodes come out of order. I just watched the episode that brings back “The Master” at the end of the universe. Love the idea, unimpressed by the end of the universe however.

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