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Telstar Colortron

I have, at one point or another, owned most of the game systems you can hook up to a TV, from the original Pong box to Xbox One, but I’d never seen this particular Coleco product until just recently. While it is a cool piece of video game memorabilia, I feel for whoever has to play on the left side of the system unless they are a southpaw. 

Tim Mee Galaxy Laser Team

wpid-Photo-Apr-23-2013-1132-AM.jpgJust added a new section to the site, Tim Mee Galaxy Laser Team. If you grew up in the 70’s there’s a pretty good chance you had something from the Tim Mee company. They made “processed plastic” figures with all kinds of themes and sold them in bags for pretty low prices. The ones that I liked were, of course, the sci fi themed ones that bear a slight resemblance to Star Wars. Who’d believe that might happen?

Gorgeous photos by a friend of mine. Very worth checking out. Just need to find the “X wing” space ships to round out the photo gallery.

Super 7 Alien ReAction Figures

Alien_Reaction_DisplayI’ve written about it before, but Super7 just released some great photos of their new Alien figures that they’re releasing under their ReAction Figure Series – ReAction being short for Retro Action. You probably already know the story, but in case you don’t, back in 1979, prototypes were made for a series of 3 3/4 inch Alien figures. With the failure of the 18 inch Alien, the toy line never got made. But Super7 managed to track down reference material and the original prototypes, and under license from 20th Century Fox, is bringing these never before released figures to xenomorph lovers everywhere.

Along with the new photos, Super7 detailed figure accessories and a release date of August/September of this year for $19.95 each. Those of us attending SDCC will be able to pre-order at the show. Here’s the figure info:

* THE ALIEN (“BIG CHAP”) – w/ removable transparent dome, extendable jaws and glow-in-the-dark head!

* RIPLEY – w/ Flame Thrower

* ASH – w/ Motion Detector

* DALLASĀ  – w/ Flame Thrower

* KANE IN NOSTROMO SPACESUIT – w/ removable helmet and transparent visor