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Ideal Robot Commando

It may not be obvious from the photo, but the Ideal Robot Commando is huge! For a toy anyway. I love the color scheme on this bad boy. And the psycho the robot eyes. 

Unfortunately, like so many giant toys, it doesn’t really do much except look really good. 

Diakron Multi-Force 14

From Takara, purveyor of Micronauts, Timanic, Transformers and Microman, comes the fleet of ships on one giant robot Diakron Multi-Force. Check out the back to see how his various limbs and body parts become a huge array of smaller ships. Takara, more than any other company, nailed the transforming bot toy category. It would have been so awesome if they’d done a film partnership with Toho. I could totally see this guy going toe to toe with Godzilla.

Cosmo Robots

Cool mini robot find from the Time Tunnel Toys San Jose toy show. I’m not at all familiar with the Cosmo Robots line of toys. I’m assuming it is an import given the bilingual packaging. If you know something about it, or others in the series, I’d love to hear from you. 

Micronauts Warp Racer

Lots of new photos in the Micronauts section of the site. Navigate directly to a vehicle or figure for the photos.
The Warp Racer, shown here, was my first, and favorite Micronauts vehicle. I loved the wind up engine, cool futuristic design, and the time traveler that came with it. As I received more micros for bday and xmas, I gradually shifted my allegiance to the alien toys, but to this day I still have my Warp Racer.

Just added: Microbots

Not a huge update, but I’ve posted a new Microbots page with photos of these largely forgotten tiny construction bots.


Mattel Rom the Space Knight

Rom The Space KnightWith the return of Rom the Space Knight to the world of comics courtesy of IDW (god I would kill for that gig…,) I thought I’d update my photos of the silver skinned defender of humanity. I was an avid reader of the comics as a kid and really loved the toy. The combination of the LED eyes and the light up armaments, not to mention the sounds, made for one bad ass dude. One thing I particularly liked about Rom was that while he had all these “weapons” he came with, none of them were actually weapons in the traditional sense, especially his Neutralizer. Whenever Rom would blast a Dire Wraiths with it, sending them into another dimension, it looked like he was disintegrating humans. Made for a very misunderstood hero. Someday I hope to steal that idea for a book of my own.