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Lots of toy page updates

Baron KarzaAdded a bunch of new pictures and pages over the last few days. Highlights include:

New micro photos – toys for sale

MEL-MINI2Added a few new Micronaut photos to the site. Specifically, Emperor, Mobile Exploration Lab and a Star Searcher box.

Incidentally, (and the reason I shot them) these items are all up for auction on eBay right now.

New Star Trek The Motion Picture Section

South Bend Star Trek The Motion Picture Enterprise FrontI’ve always been a big fan of Star Trek. I’m not old enough to have seen the Original Series in first run, but I distinctly remember going to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture in theaters. As big a deal as Star Wars was for me, Star Trek was a pretty close second. And I was just old enough to remember the Christmas when I got BOTH the Electronic Enterprise and the Electronic Phasers. I didn’t know it at the time, but there were actually a LOT of toys for the movie that I wished I’d had as a kid. But the nice thing about growing up and having eBay is I can have them now. For a price.

sttmp-birdofprey4I just re-watched the movie, so I decided to take some time and photograph some toys and create a Star Trek: The Motion Picture section on the site. It covers all the awesome Mego ST:TMP toys, as well as the electronic toys from South Bend.

New TootsieToy Playset Page

TootsieToy Starbase ZuesI added a new toy section to the site today – TootsieToy Adventure Series Playsets from the 70s.

TootsieToy made four sets that I know of – I had all of them as a kid – and I somehow managed to hold onto a complete set of Star Base ZUES figures and ships. I don’t know a ton about this line, so the page is mostly just some box shots and close ups on the toys themselves.


Glamour Photos

So, recently I updated the site – new look, new features – and had to clean up a bunch of copy and pages. In the process I was stunned by how BAD most of the pictures were. They were great when I took them, but times have changed and digital cameras have gotten better. I figured my pictures should too.

I’m honestly not up for doing a site wide re-shoot of every toy, but I do want to start updating some pics. To that end I’m going to start grabbing toys one by one and sticking them in front of my camera. You’ll be able to find these new glamour shots in, well, Glamour Shots. I’ll eventually migrate them to the actual toy pages, but for your dose of toy porn, you know where to look.

Behold Madelman!

Check out this Mego-like line of Madelman Cosmic 8-inch action figures from Spanish toy maker Madelman.

For the hardcore sci fi collector, it’s hard to find a cooler set of 70’s toys. Madelman produced both male and female action figures, a menacing alien, and a full sized space ship capable of transporting your toys across the cosmos in style.

Easily some of my favorite toys, and likely something you haven’t seen before!