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Space Invaders Toys

Some unusual finds at the toy show. These 1979 Space Invaders items are shaped like the iconic invading aliens,  it unlike their inspiration, are quite helpful at opening a beer bottle or finding your keys…

Space Laser Flight Game

For science fiction fans, the 70s are a golden age. We had Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Star Trek and a legion of other shows and movies. And we had electronic toys and games like never before. Consider Space Laser Fight, a simple LED game that is barely more than a fire and dodge game. Not much to look at by today’s standards, but you have to love the box art. 

Magnavox Odyssey Game System

For those of us of a certain vintage, the Magnavox Odyssey Game System was the toy to have one Christmas long ago. My neighbor had one and we played the hell out of it. Getting two people on that controller was sure a pain though.

Manglor Mountain Volcanic Action Playset

I’d never seen one of these until several showed up all at once at a toy show. This is the kind of toy I would have begged and connived to get out of my parents. I especially love the box art. Boxes from that era did so much to stimulate the toy’s story for me. Of course, most toys back then didn’t have media tie ins, so that was part of the fun when I would get something like Mighty Max or, if I’d been supremely lucky, this beauty.

Jinkies! Big Trak is Back!

bigtrakWho didn’t envy the friend who had a Big Trak? It was a computerized vehicle that could execute a program, navigate around your room, and haul tons of cool stuff in it’s trailer.

It was a total product of the 70’s and an awesome toy. It has also been absurdly difficult to get a hold of in decent shape – Until now!!!

A brand new version of Big Trak is available, with all new accessories and smart phone apps, from a company in the UK. If you lusted for this as a kid, now’s your chance to get one without paying a fortune. Although, if you’re like me, you’ll use it for a few hours and put it on a shelf.

Krull Board Game

Krull was a 1983 fantasy movie set on a distant planet named Krull. An evil being simply called “The Beast” has invaded the planet. In an attempt to stave off his army of slayers, the son and daughter of rival kingdoms are set to marry so they can unite to fight off the Beast. But, of course, the Beast has other plans and kidnaps the girl. The rest of the movie is spent hunting down the Beast’s fortress. And there you have the set up for this board game! Race to the Black Fortress and princess!