Buck Rogers Star Fighter Command Center

Buck Rogers Starfighter CommandIn retrospect, Buck Rogers was not the best sci-fi show on TV in the 80s. It was sexist, the plots were thin, the effects were canned. But I still really, really liked it and I loved playing with my Buck Rogers figures and in particular, I liked the ships. The Star Fighter and Draconian Raider were super detailed and cool. I never encountered the command center as a kid, but I can easily imagine it setting next to my Hoth base and droid factory on the fireplace. Like so many Mego playsets, the detail is pretty great. If you remember the show, it does an excellent job of evoking the hangers where the Star Fighters were kept.

Sadly, my Star Fighter did not survive adolescence and one in decent shape now costs a fortune, otherwise I might hunt down one of these playsets for Buck and the gang to hang out it.

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