There are a ton of odd Battlestar Galactica licensed products from toys to lunch boxes to sheets. Here are a few of them to tickle your fancy.

Captain’s Badge

Diecast L.E.M. Lander

Laser Gun


Cylon Bubble Machine

Cylon Bubble Machine


4 thoughts on “Collectibles”

  1. hi there,

    just wanted to know if you know of anyone or anywhere that i could get a 1979 Battlestar Galactica Viper Launch Station from at all

    i have already tried ebay for a while nothing at all . any help would be appreciated


  2. save the search on ebay, they’ll notify you when they come up for auction, i acquired mine that way, a little patience is all that’s required! i, myself am looking for a mint plush daggit with working pull string, a bit tougher piece to track down!

  3. I have a mint plush daggit with a working pull string if you are still interested let me know and I can email you a picture of it if you’d like.

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