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New System Is LIVE!

So I moved the testing environment live tonight. BEM is now a wordpress powered site! I love it. WordPress rocks.

I am planning to add a links page to each toy as well, so if you have suggestions, stick ’em in the comments for the main page for each toy.

There might be a few broken links. If you find any, please let me know!


Rick “The Bem”


Added 5 different toys to WordPress. Took longer than hoped. Have to go back and edit some of the code because the relative URLs all broke. oh well. Be done soon…


Just found a very cool Italian line of toys called TH3. Kinda magnemo-ish, but without the magnets. They are a sci-fi themed toy line with lite up stuff. I’ll eventually take pictures and post them, but a quick google search will probably reveal some pics for the curious.

Hello world!

I just upgraded The BEM to a wordpress blog system. Now I can post whatever random toy thoughts come my way and have a CMS for the toys themselves. No more broken links! Yeah!

Hope you like it. Look forward to seeing any comments as well.

Toodles. Rick “The BEM” Sanchez.